Ten - Point Government Platform of Hon. Mayor Pacifico B. Monta

Platform Goal
1. Food Sufficiency Enhance production of grains, livestock, fish and vegetables
Promot the processing of market-oriented agro-based products
Supports diversified farming system
2. Livelihood and income Generation Undertake skills development training - seminars on income generation and livelihood endeavors
Promote agri-based micro and small-scale enterprises
3. Protection and Conservation of Natural Resources and the Environment Strict implementation of laws on the environment and natural resources
Adopt climate change resiliency measures, like tree planting to combat the effects of global warming
4. Quality Education Create opportunities for out-of-school youths and those who missed college to earn degree
Form an interdisciplinary team would assist collegiate and graduate students on report, thesis and sissertation writing
Establish a municipal library with internet services
5. Sport and Recreation Organize a leisure and recreation program for senior citizens, women and retirees to keep them active and physically fit
Implement a sports program for the youth to keep them away from vices and to discover and develop high - caliber athletes
6. Rationalization of the Infrastructure Program Pursue widespread use of solar-powered facilities and amenities
Construct SFRs (Small Farm Reservoirs) for livestock and crop production, and fish culture
Adopt a logistics program to ensure the availability of supplies and materials, e.g. gravel and sand, at any given time especially during the rainy season
Construct and repair roads and other infrastrures using high quality equipment
7. People Empowerment Empower the agriculture sector through the organization of cooperatives
Involve more ordinary people in municipal governance
8. Social Services Efficient and prompt delivery of health (medical, dental and optical) and other frontline services
Work for the elevation of the Municipal Health Center to a higher category
9. Improve Municipal Government's Performance Undertake infrastructure projects via Build Operate and Transfer (BOT and Private Public Partnership (PPP) schemes, and source out grants-in-aid
Prioritize health, livelihood, education, food production, and infrastructure in the allocation of Internal Revenue Allotments
Craft and implement a Comprehensive Municipal Develop Plan
Conduct regular performance evaluation to find out if goals, objectives and targets are achieved
Pursue vigorously the institutional vision to make Talugtug a socially vibrant, political mature, progressive and peaceful Christian Community
10. Enhance the Image of Talugtug Transform Talugtug into a tourist destination
Make Talugtug a clean and green municipality and the flower and rice cake capital of Nueva Ecija
Convert the town plaza as the centerpiece of the clean and green and tourism programs
Develop programs that would rally Talugtugueños to be proud of their birthplace and to volunteer to its full development
Undertake massive information campaign using the mass media (TV, radio, newpaper, and the internet) to market Talugtug to the outside world
Give high premium to lasting peace as basic conerstone of community


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